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The Palais Garnier - South façade


A backdrop for brands used to finance the Paris Opera restoration

ATHEM is supporting the Paris Opera throughout the construction works at the Palais Garnier, by creating a building wrap over the scaffolding on its main façade, adorned with a monumental design. This decoration is designed to conceal the work in progress and serve as a promotional backdrop for the prestigious brands that have contributed to financing the renovation of this building undertaken to repair the damage caused by time and pollution. The operation was carried out with the support of the French government, as part of its programme, launched in 2007, to preserve our architectural and historical heritage.

A large-scale decorative illusion to conceal the construction site

The purpose of this mise en scène created by Atelier ATHEM is to cover the construction work being carried out, while drawing attention to the site night and day. To create the perfect illusion, ATHEM constructed large-scale versions of several of the monument’s iconic architectural features. Pediments, balconies, cornices, mascaron ornaments, keystones and medallions were all modelled by the studio before being produced in the atelier and arranged on the printed decor. Furthermore, to make sure the Place de l'Opéra remains an attractive place to visit after dark, architectural lighting has been installed to highlight the characteristic features of this building designed by Charles Garnier.

A project to help preserve French heritage

The construction work taking place behind this monumental mise en scène will be carried out successively by professionals from six different trades until its completion, restoring the theatrical façade to all its former glory, as originally designed by Charles Garnier. This project has thus provided direct employment in France, largely for artisans with expertise in the traditional trades, a part of our heritage that should also be preserved.

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