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Paris, Palais Garnier

An ephemeral and monumental work

From September 7 to 25, 2023, the Paris Opera has invited artist JR to dress the scaffolding needed to restore the theatrical facade designed by Charles Garnier. Over two weekends, the general public had the opportunity to view excerpts from lyrical and choreographic works in free access on the transformed facade of the Paris Opera. JR’s work, « RETOUR À LA CAVERNE - Acte I - L'entrée de la caverne » returns in November 2023 for a second Act.

The genesis of an art brought to light

ATHEM's collaboration with Atelier JR has taken on a new dimension with the creation of this projection series. This work, created to dress the restoration of the Palais Garnier, plunges spectators into the origins of ballet and opera. This scenography “offers a metamorphosis and a new perspective of rock and light”, as JR puts it.

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